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"Yasinan", one tradition of Muslim Ummah in Indonesia

Tradisi "Yasinan" di Indonesia.

This time I was narrating about "yasinan", which is one tradition that has always performed the Muslim community in Indonesia. This is the sort of activity pray together, which is done every Friday night, the activities carried out at the residence of its members, in turn.

Usually every village has a "congregation yasinan" with members of about 30 - 40 families. This activity is carried out by adult men on every Friday night, and performed by the women at the day Friday.

Every activity they wear Muslim or Indonesian national dress. The men are wearing headgear called "kopiah", while the women wear Muslim dress with headgear called "jilbab".

This activity begins to pray together, to read the book of al-Quran, and other material in accordance with the teachings of the Muslim Ummah. After completion followed by a meal together.

These activities also include children's teenage son / daughter between the ages of 12-18 years to study and practice to understand the socio-cultural environment.

There is one of the most interesting is the nature of "gotongroyong". The women worked together to make food, serve food, and clean the equipment after the activity is complete.

So after the "yasinan", the host did not bother anymore, because the house was clean again. Indonesian society is accustomed to "gotongroyong" or working together. THIS IS INDONESIA.

This photo images taken of the activities in the village Megang Sakti, Musi Rawas, South Sumatra Province, Indonesia

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